In The Big D

Just a quick update. I'm in Dallas for some training, but also get the opportunity to visit with some friends. That's always good. :)

Training has been tough, but interesting. I'm learning a thing or two... I think. LOL

On Monday I got to spin with C & C (Coco and Chesty). It was great to see them after so long. The spin class was great too.

Not much meat to this post other than training and working out. Headed to the gym today and lifted; lost track of time and didn't make it "home" until almost 8.

It's been a few years since I lived here in Dallas. I can't believe how much construction there is! It's just insane how nothing looks the same. I can't remember any of my alternate travel routes, so it's costing nearly $10 a day in tolls to go 39 miles! Waaaah! I miss my toll tag!!

That's it for now... see? No meat.


  1. Have fun in Dallas. You are such a RockStar. Who goes on business travel and trains!!



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