Monday Workout

Today's workout was pretty good, only comment being that I wish I had some more confidence with the bench press to do press more weight on my own. Grrrr! I know I could have done more, but was worried about getting stuck in the bottom part of the motion. The idea of the bar resting on my chest was not pleasant. There are supposed to be trainers around to ask for a spot, but of course no one appeared available. Here's what went on today:

Incline DB Press
*Need to start with more
12 x 17.5 lbs.
12 x 20 lbs.
14 x 25 lbs.

Incline DB Fly
12 x 17.5 lbs.
6 x 20 lbs.; 4 x 17.5 lbs.
7 x 20 lbs.; 3 x 17.5 lbs.

Flat Bench DB Bench Press
12 x 20 lbs.
10 x 25 lbs.
10 x 25 lbs.

***killin' time for the decline bench***

Hammer Strength Iso Lat Row
12 x 70 lbs.
10 x 90 lbs.
10 x 120 lbs.

*** Ah! Decline Available!***

Decline DB Bench Press
12 x 20 lbs.
10 x 25 lbs.
10 x 25 lbs.

Barbell Bench Press
15 x 45 lbs.
12 x 65 lbs.
1 x 95 (felt like I was going to get stuck at the bottom and racked it)
12 x 75 lbs. (felt like a loser for not stickin' with the 95)

"Dang it! Can't leave without trying 95 again!"

"It's all in my head... It's all in my head... it's all in my head..."

7 x 95 lbs. Oh yeah! I can go home now :)

Cardio: 20 minutes of intervals
Elapsed time: 1:21
Calories burned: 1,039


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