Not So Bad

Okay, it was not nearly as bad as I thought, or expected, it to be. The whole mammogram experience was fine. No worse than having a HIDAscan for my Gallbladder.

The imaging was digital, so I saw it right on the spot; very cool. Of course the tech cannot diagnose, but she said I have good tissue that doesn't allow for things to hide easily. :) I can remember pre-op my OBGYN used to have to check my breasts over and over again because they were so fiberous. Now, defalted, it is much easier to smoosh them. LOL

I'm pretty confident the scans are "clean" -- in fact, I'd say my breasts are fairily photogenic. LOL


  1. I hope it's a little easier than the HIDA scan... mine felt like child birth!! (okay - maybe not that bad, but it was REALLY painful and nauseating...)

  2. Photogenic breasts! What a thought!



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