Right of Passage

I'm a little nervous. I know I shouldn't be, but nonetheless I am.

I *get* to go for my first mammogram tomorrow. Just one of the many things we *get* to do as we get older. Oiy.

I am reminded of something I did a few years ago called "Sing for the Cure". It was an amazing experience. I had the honor of singing (and recording the CD) with the Turtle Creek Chorale and The Women's Chorus of Dallas and presented the premier of "Sing for the Cure, in conjunction with the Susan G. Komen organization.

The lyrics for each piece were derived from interviews with Breast Cancer survivors, their families and friends. The stories run the gamut from sad, to satirical to comical. Composers were commissioned to write music for each of the stories. Dr. Maya Angelou narrated the stories before and between each of the musical pieces. It was something that I will never forget.

If you know someone going through a Breast Cancer diagnosis, surviving with Breast Cancer or are just family or friends of someone who is fighting, this CD is amazing. I highly recommend d giving it as a gift.... and not just cause I'm singing on it either! This CD has a song on it for everyone touched by a loved one's diagnosis.

The track, "Who Will Curl My Daughter's Hair" has a whole new meaning to me now. That's all I've been thinking about since I made this appointment.

CD Tracks

Disc: 1
1. Prelude For The Uncommon Woman - Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
2. The Community's Voice - Dr. Maya Angelou
3. Who Will Speak? -
4. Facing Diagnosis - Dr. Maya Angelou
5. Borrowed Time -
6. The Partner's Voice - Dr. Maya Angelou
7. The Promise Lives On -
8. Taking Control - Dr. Maya Angelou
9. Livin' Out Loud Blues -
10. The Child's Voice - Dr. Maya Angelou

Disc: 2
1. The Sister's Voice - Dr. Maya Angelou
2. Girl In The Mirror -
3. The Mother's Voice - Dr. Maya Angelou
4. Who Will Curl My Daughter's Hair -
5. Pursuing A Cure - Dr. Maya Angelou
6. Groundless Ground -
7. Proclaiming Hope - Dr. Maya Angelou
8. One Voice: I Will Not Be Silent -
9. Testimonial - Dr. Maya Angelou
10. Come To Me, Mother -


  1. Thanks for sharing this Donna. I know I am a few days late, but I am still sending prayers your way!



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