Saturday Workout

My trainer was at the gym with someone else this morning. After he was done, he stopped by to say hi and made me chuckle when he said, kiddingly, of course, "I'm disheartened to see you having so much fun without me!" I told him, "I can't afford you all the time; gotta learn to do it on my own." I know that was his way of saying he was payin' attention and I was doing good. LOL

He also told me that another trainer, who I call RoboCop because he never smiles (Although my trainer says he does), is competing in some bodybuilding qualifier today, and that if he wins his class, he'll get a pro card. Pretty big deal. My Trainer and RoboCop are good friens, so I could tell he was proud for for him. So keep good vibes for our RoboCop.
Anyway... here's my workout detail for today.

Barbell Bicep Curl
12 x 30 lbs.
2 sets 10 x 40 lbs.

Hammer Curls
12 x 15 lbs.
2 sets 10 x 17.5 lbs.

Barbell Preacher Curls
(first time to use the bench; always used the Cybex machine)
12 x 20 lbs.
12 x 30 lbs.
10 x 40 lbs.

Barbell Skull Crushers
(first with BB)
12 x 20 lbs.
2 set 10 x 30 lbs.

Dumbbell Tricep Extension
12 x 15 lbs.
2 sets 10 x 17.5 lbs.

Tricep Rope Push Downs
12 x 20 lbs.
2 sets 10 x 30 lbs.

Oblique Crunches
3 sets of 25

Leg Raises on Bench
3 Sets: 25, 20 and 18

20 minutes of Intervals

1:18 Elapsed time
1183 Calories burned
2:1:1 Recovery Drink after


  1. You are BEAST in the gym. I need to fork up the money and get a trainer. I just need to do it!



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