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So... for the 'Only if I had followed-through on that!" list:

Cart Wash Puts An End To Dirt At Maryland Market
Listen Now
[3 min 54 sec]

I swear I had this idea once! :)

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Yesterday I was back at work and played catch-up most of the day. It's nice to get away from work, even if it's for training, but having to play catch-up is a pain. To top it off, I had to spend 3 hours at the courthouse resolving a well-deserved speeding ticket. :(

Now you have a clue as to what I'll be spending my lunch hours doing ( http://www.getdefensive.com/ ) Ugh... Like I said, "well-deserved."

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For the "What the heck is she doing now?" list...

Went to the gym yesterday, no lifting (imagaine that!), but did 50 minutes of cardio. "Wogged" a mile, then did intervals for 2.25 miles for a total of 3.25 miles and 951 calories burned.

From now on, no less than 3.1 miles at a cardio session, if I'm serious about running that LiveSTRONG 5K at the end of October.

Oh, and I am looking at doing the the Benbrook Tri on October 5th with the other 2/3's of the orignal Team TriDiva (est. 2002).

Tomorrow's plan will include the pool.


  1. Hooray for Tri Divas at the Benbrook Tri!

    Speaking of tri...here's another one in your area for October...



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