Tuesday Training Session: A Personal Best!

I am just a little excited... No, I'm very excited... and a little proud. Well, maybe a lot proud. Maybe I am tootin' my own horn... maybe I am doing a happy dance. :)

You are reading a post written by the woman who holds the female leg press record at her gym! 1 clean rep of 820 lbs. Whoohooo! That would be a personal record for me!!

That said, I have no idea how that compares in the real world, but for now, right here in my little part of Houston, I'm pleased. See, part of my challenge with having the RNY was maintaining muscle mass. This is proof (at least to me) I am beating the odds and doing something right!

Leg Press
20 x 140 lbs.
20 x 230 lbs.
18 x 320 lbs.
15 x 410 lbs.
8 x 590 lbs.
6 x 680 lbs.
3 x 770 lbs.
1 x 820 lbs. <---- PR!!

Did you think the fun would end there? No time to party when there are squats to be done!

Barbell Squats - ATG! (Azz to ground, cause Jesus hates half squats)
20 x 45 lbs.
15 x 65 lbs.
14 x 75 lbs.
10 x 85 lbs.
15 x 45 lbs.
15 x 0 lbs.

Elapsed Time: 58 minutes
Calories burned: 891

Gotta get the Cassinator in the tubby. Will be back later to share about my new BodyBugg!


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