Tuesday Workout

Bench Press
20 x 45 lbs.
15 x 75 lbs.
6 x 105 lbs.
3 x 125 lbs.

Trainer says, "let's try for 1 clean rep of 135 lbs. If you do it, we're gonna add a little and break a record today.

"I say, "Let's go for it."

1 x 135 lbs. attemped - failed, stuck in lower half of movement

He says, "Wanna try again?" (silly boy!)
I say, "Well, what do you think?"

Waited 90 seconds....

1 x 135 lbs. Failed again. Stuck hovering in the same place.


Step-up w/bicep curl
3 sets of 15 with 12.5 lb. dumbbells

Alt'd with...

Leg Lifts2 sets 20


Lat Pull Down
3 sets x 60 lbs.

Alt'd with

Traveling Lunges
3 sets of 20


  1. I know I say this all the time, but you are my hero! I really need some weight training. The cardio circuit is working ok for me and I'm walking 4 miles a day. Want to try and jog, but I feel all jumbled when I do. My vision gets blurred. My dad says it's because my stride is off. I'm not sure what to do about it. Any advice?


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