Another Personal Best!

It's been a crazy week with the *cough* storms *cough* we were supposed to get here in Houston. Still, I guess we were afforded the opportunity to run through our "business continuity plan".

Darren has been traveling, so ibetween the weather and being where Cassie needs to be, today was the first day I got to the gym!

It was worth it... I tied the female bench press record at 145 lbs.!

The bad news is, we thought I had the record on the leg press. Not true. There are 2 ladies ahead of me! The top one is doing just over 900 lbs.
Oh well... something to shoot for. Trainer did say that I have great muscular endurance (I think that's what he called it) and that I have the two ladies beat, hands down, in volume.

Unfortunately we spent part of today's session time trying to workout some BodyBugg issues, so we didn't have a whole lot of time left:

Lateral Cable row
20 x 70 lbs. (last 5 with a hold at the top of the move).15 x 90 lbs.12 x 90 lbs.

Alt'd with Leg Raises
3 sets of 25
Barbell Bench Press
20 x 45 lbs.
12 x 75 lbs.
6 x 105 lbs.
3 x 115 lbs.
1 x 135 lbs.
1 x 145 lbs.

Alt'd with Crunches on Disk
4 sets of 30

Finished up with 20 minutes of cardio.


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