Here it comes.... wait for it!

So we were plenty ready for the Eduord to make landfall in Galveston, which is 25 miles from my home. When Rita hit, we were mandatorily (like that word? I think its fake) evacuated. As you might imagine everyone in this part of Houston has an overwhelmingly heightened sense of fear whenever the slightest threat of anythig is ready to come our way.

Cassie's Daycare requested parents to pick their kids up early on Tuesday and announced they'd be closed on Wednesday. Even though I understood the "why" it drives me crazy. They're already closing on the 11th for a training day. Yes. A training day. With Darren traveling I wound up having to bring the Cassinator to work with me, along with a slew of toys and the DVD player to keep her busy. Despite her distractions I managed to get the essential things done to protect our company's technology. It was a good practice to run through our business continuity plan.

I haven't been the gym in 2 days. I plan to go today to get some cardio in before I take Cass to gymnastics. Eating wasn't so great, but not bad. I call it "not so great" because I did not get my protein in as usual. In my fury to get out of the house and to work before the rain I left my breakfast and lunch at home. I was left with mac and cheese made from scratch with the Barilla protein pasta for lunch and the inside of a egg and cheese croissant for breakfast (which was gross, btw).


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