A New Approach.

Finally got my new food plan. We have so much trouble getting my BodyBugg account setup so that my trainer could access the information. it's not normal, but in my world, I suppose it should be expected. :)

What the BodyBugg has shown, is that on the days that I'm working out I am routinely creating a deficit of over 1,000 calories daily. On the days I don't workout I'm still in the neighborhood of 700. Over the course of a week, I am averaging 57 minutes of activity a day.

My lowest days of caloric burn since wearing the Bugg (July 17th) is 2,036 calories. My high days, the days on which I workout, are between 3,220 and 3,250.

I didn't expect that I would, but I have not lost weight on the scale; my weight just fluctuates up and down the same couple pounds. This just proves to me what I have already known; it's not just a matter of eating less and moving more.

So... we're on to a new plan and it makes me nervous. We're going to try to get more calories in. The deficit I create is so huge, that it could be creating the obstacle (which I've also suspected, but was really nervous about doing anything to eat more). So I'm going from about 1200 to 1300 calories a day to 1600. This increase goes with 5 days of hard cardio, 3 days of weightlifting. My biking and swimming will fit in there too.

I've got about 8 weeks before the LiveSTRONG ride. I don't want to be haulin' more lard than necessary up and down the hills. Plus, part of that challenge is to actually run the 5K the day before and not "wog". Less is definitely best for this scenario.

My lifting workouts are going to be full body, focusing on higher reps, lower weight, to promote fat burn rather than on building strength.

The idea with the food plan is to start the day with good carbs, but taper off towards the end of the day. This still gives you the carbs your body needs to keep all systems "go", but tapers off by the end of the day.

Breakfast (Split into 2 sittings):
4 eggwhites w/1 egg
1.5 C. Cream of Wheat
1/2 C. Strawberries
FF half and half for my coffee
27 g Protein / 52 g Carbs / 5.6 g Fat
Total Calories: 389

AM Snack
Labrada Protein
1/4 Cup of Oatmeal (mixed in the protein)
33.8 g Protein / 25.5 g Carbs / 2.8 g Fat
Total Calories: 260

1/2 C. Brown Rice
5 oz. Low Sodium Turkey Breast
1 C. Salad Greens
2 T. Rao's Caesar Dressing (which is awesome and half the Cals/Fat than most)
28.5 g Protein / 33.6 g Carbs / 11.5 g Fat
Total Calories: 354

PM Snack
Labrada Protein
1/4 Cup of Oatmeal (mixed in the protein)
33.8 g Protein / 25.5 g Carbs / 2.8 g Fat Total Calories: 260


4 oz. Chicken or Tuna
1 C. Green veggie (Beans or Broccoli)
34 g Protein / 8.7 g Carbs / 2.0 g Fat Total Calories: 194

Evening Snack
1 C. 2% Cottage Cheese
31.1 g Protein / 8.2 g Carbs / 4.4 g Fat Total Calories: 203


  1. Whew!! You GO GIRL!! I'll be so interested to see how the new plan works for you... I was blown away by the proposed breakfast because I couldn't see how you'd be able to eat that much... until I actually read the top where it said split in to sittings.

    Keep Rockin it!!

  2. I think this might be exactly what your body needs. I know that once my activity level went up, I had to eat more calories or I wasn't losing. I still have a caloric deficit of about 2300 calories a day. You would think that the pounds would fly off, but NO! Darned body anyway!

    I didn't take the bait on WellSphere because I am involved in so many other groups that I'm having a hard time keeping up with them.

  3. I think this plan is going to work out great for you. It took me a long time to get out of the "point range" mentality and accept that I needed to take in more food to compensate for the workouts. That old school diet mentality is for newbies. We're seasoned pro athletes (I'm sure our checks will be here any day now...LOL).


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