Saturday Beating...

Started with an 8:15 am spin class, which in it of its self is a tough workout. Another substitute; she was okay, but not as good as the chick from last time.

I decided to stay for the 9:15 24Lift class. The instructor was foreign... a cute Russian-like accent. She was tiny, but I believe she was te most cut instructor I've ever seen at a 24. She was hilarious... it made it easier to get through the class.

I couldn't believe how much the spin class took out of me. I thought I'd e all cool with my 15 lbs. dumbbells and my 25 pounds on my barbell bar.

It's tough to be cool when there's no gas left in the tank. LOL

So 60 minutes spin, and 60 minutes of aerobic lifting... not bad.

I have to figure out what I'm doing tomorrow. I might just swim. :)


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