Silk Soy Plus - New Product

For a long time I have stayed away from soy milks. I never cared much for that filmy residue it left in my mouth. Plus, Soy used to reek havoc on my stomach in the way of flatulence; sorry folks, just keepin' it real. :)

Anyway ever since my bypass I have become slightly lactose intolerant. I wasn't sure at first because I can still eat dairy, like cottage cheese without issue, but if I have real milk or ice cream, it's like war zone in my intestines. I know, enough already.

I purchase the Silk Soy Plus with Omega 3's and DHA. I'm all about upping my healthy cholesterol, since it was really low on my last round of blood work.

I gotta say it was really good and I didn't experience the film that first kept me from Soy milks to begin with. It has a nice taste too. :) This product has to be refrigerated -- which is fine because the colder, the better.

Between the new Silk Soy and my CorOmega supplement, I'm hoping my healthy cholesterol will make a good comeback. Incidentally my LDL was strikingly low too (which is fine with me), but I want some more of that HDL running through my bod. :)


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