Sunday Workout

So in another forum I participate in I was challenged to do 100 reps of Leg Press in one set (100 reps straight, no break). Today I made my first attempt, even though I felt pretty used from taking spin and lift back-to-back.

Here's my entry point for the challenge:

Leg Press, 1 set: 190 lbs. x 110 reps

I probably could have started with more and still made the 100 reps; next time, for sure.

As for the rest of my workout, I took a short break and then did 5 sets of 10 on the leg press, just working just the lower part my movement on the press; that's where I seem to get stuck when I go for the heavy weight. With my legs already fatigued, I thought it would be a good opportunity to take advantage of. I don't know if that's right or not, but I did it anyway.

And here's the rest...
Hack Squats (ATG)
3 sets 12 x 90 (Plate weight listed only)

Bench Press
8 x 95 lbs.; 5 x 75
12 x 75 lbs.
10 x 75 lbs.

Military Press
3 sets 12 x 40 lbs.

Tricep Rope Push-down
3 sets 12 x 60 lbs.

Lat Pull-down
3 sets 12 x 70 lbs.

Leg Extension
1 set 12 x 80 (machine was broken)

Leg Curl
12 x 100 lbs.
12 x 95 lbs.
12 x 90 lbs.


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