Some of you might have noticed the new "badge" on my blog. There is a new community out there on the "Netterhood" called Wellsphere. Its a resource for living a better life. Not just through dieting and eating right, but also activity, healing and recovery.

I received an email a month or so ago from Dr. Rutledge, who heads up this community. Of course when I read his personal message to me about how he enjoyed my blog and invited me to be a blogger-of-note, of sorts, in the Wellsphere community, I was a little... no. I was a lot skeptical. Not like I'm an authority on the subject of WLS, but if someone learns something from my experience, that's my goal.

Hubs and took a look-see through the community and it looks like a helpful resource. Right now they have me as a featured blogger in the Healing and Recovery Community, but once they launch the Obesity community, that will be my home.

When Dr. R. first approached me they thought they would have a weight loss surgery community, which is really why I went along with it. Right now though, there isn't enough draw to be that specific. So, "Obesity" it is.

I created a "Living After Weight Loss Surgery" team and invited a few of you, just to test it out. No one took the bite though -- perhaps not knowing what the whole Wellsphere thing is disuaded you. :)

Wellsphere, to me, is a great resource to easily locate blogs of other folks trying to live life in a better way. It's like a cross between Google Reader and Sparkpeople. Check it out!


  1. I signed up when I got the invite... so you've got at least one person that took the bait. :-)


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