Rock It Like a Hurricane... IKE!

Okay, the first thing is we're safe. :)

Second, we've also learned what our threshold is for sticking it out for another hurricane. Before it was a category 4 and higher, we would leave.... after this category 3 and higher. Even then a category 2 was pretty scary to get through.

I'm thankful that Cassie didn't understand the magnitude of what was about to happen, otherwise there'd be no way she would have slept through it! At least someone slept, because Mommy and Daddy sure didn't!

All of our neighbors banded together, which took the edge of the fear and frustration off. We shared food, water and generators -- yes! We were lucky enough to share a generator with someone! We were able to keep our food cold through 2 days of no electricity.

Ironically it was while the eye was passing over us that we saw the transformers blow in our neighborhood. We had water the next morning, only to find it stopped for several hours after. Water service returned but not the electric.

Ike took a good hit at our roof. At one point in the night we thought the roof was going to lift off the house. We called the neighbors across the street to ask them if they could see anything happening. They just said the roof looked like a porcupine with all the shingles standing on end. You could hear them coming off and sliding off. Some of them flung right off the roof with such speed that they were stuck in the fence the next morning!

Water was coming in the roof, leaking through the ceilings and air conditioning vents. After Ike, we got some more rain the next morning and the ceiling to our spare room and bathroom finally gave way to the water and caved in.

We drove around our neighborhood and quickly realized we were very lucky. We lost shingles that caused leaks, but others lost their roof down to the bare plywood.

We have some damage from various leaks throughout the house, but the biggest damage is probably ceiling. Our back doors and laundry room doors are so swollen you can't shut them. There's also a leak in the wall! It just amazes me how the problems just trickle down from the bad roof.

Here's some pictures, in no particular order...

This was the next morning after it was safe to come out...
I had already cleaned up the shingles.

This is evidence of the speed with which the
shingles were flying through the air.

This is the house boarded up, pre-Ike

More of the house boarded up...
we tried to protect our house!

Darren's handy work on the temporary roofing...

The next day, after Ike, this once dead and
written off flower finally bloomed! It's a sign!!! :)
This was just one of many lines at the local
food stores to get non-perishables and ice.

This was the steel frame construction of a new strip mall...
those beams used to stand up straight!

Our ceiling in the spare room...

Ceiling in the bathroom...

It's over... now the real fun begins with insurance!


  1. Donna!! I'm so glad that you guys are alright - it was scary even on my side of town - I wouldn't want to be over there on yours! I can't believe that shingle is in your fence like that... and the picture of the flower... that's just great - a symbol of hope.

  2. OMG. I am glad you are safe and well.


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