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On my drive in I listened to Palin's speech on XM. I was totally insulted and was reminded of how Republicans feel the average people really have no place in government, despite the fact we all (party affiliations aside) put them in their seats, we were essentially bashed for supporting their "opponents".

Yeah, that will get me to change my vote. Bashing shows total respect. :-/

If being a little tree-huggin' in my belief that ordinary people can effect change, then

so be it. I can't say that I've believed it where politics are concerned, but at this point I am willing to share what I believe to be true in my personal life and apply it here. I am willing to make the effort to make the future brighter for my family.

I felt that in the spirit to which politics typically yields, that the Democrats' "pot-shots" at the Republicans, were not slanderous, disrespectful, cynical, insulting or hateful. Okay, I can keep it real: it's a convention... there might be a little embellishment for dramatic affect, but overall I felt that their pot-shots were more respectful than I anticipated they would be. Definitely more respectful than what I was appalled by last night.

It occurred to me too, that this new breed of Republican is the reason I hate politics so much. Some might call them "tough", but I call it tiring. If they weren't afraid, they wouldn't be on the attack with such force.

Even in everyday life, politics aside, what's the first thing someone who is ego-filled does to make themselves feel better? Attack someone else. I applies here too.

I listened to Palin's speech this morning. I admit it: I like her spunk. I don't appreciate her cynicism or insults to those who support the Democrats, but conversely there is something about her that is strong and I appreciate that. It doesn't mean I'd vote for her, but I respect the hard work which has brought her to where she is now.

I also hated they way she disrespected Obama and Biden. Referring to them only as "opponents" and rarely by name, and when their names were used, only twice (that I noted) did she even refer to them as Senators. Good grief! It's that kind of stuff that gets me. I hate the way things are twisted and taken out of context.

She says that Obama "isn't the same man in every state." That he "was different in Scranton than San Francisco." Inferring he was two-faced, well take a look at your buddy Ms. Palin:


Okay, get my point? So maybe some of this was taken out of context, my point is, see how effective it is? It works as negatively to one party as it does another, so be choose words wisely.

Overall I felt the speech was effective, in that she introduced herself, her family and her experience. She's likable -- and I found out she's more than just a pair of cute glasses. :) Of course I had no idea who she was when I heard her name. When describing her family and relationships she was very casual referring to herself as a "gal" and her Husband as "still my guy" and was somewhat endearing. Do I think it boosted McCain's campaign? Not really. I think it helped his current supporters get-to-know, his VP choice. I don't believe that it swayed people from one camp to another.

To her credit, I respect her for clearly blaming the major media for the slander taken at her family, and not Obama's camp, which is more than I can say about some Republicans who candidly and frankly said that it was Democratic strategy. I believe Obama's clearly pointed objection on the subject of the media frenzy attacking Palin's family is totally in line with his core values as it relates to family.

She expressed her desire to make things better; you know the normal political rhetoric of Republican vs. Democratic approaches. And while there were no "real" solutions to issues presented, there is no doubt she will work hard... if elected.

She's just not MY "gal"


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