Well, we took the plunge. We finally bought a Wii and a Wii Fit on Saturday. I scored one on Craig's list, brand new. We didn't get a "deal" on it, but since they're so hard to find anywhere, it was worth saving the shipping/tax I suppose.

We bought a few games for it. The Mario Kart (for Darren), Guitar Hero Legends (for me) and a Disney Princess game (for Cassie). Of course we spent time on the Wii Fit as well.

I don't believe the Wii Fit is completely accurate, but I will say it is fun and it gets you breathing. I was doing the Yoga poses and breaking a light sweat; I was surprised.

What was real disturbing, and yeah, pretty funny, was how the Wii reshapes your "Mii". The "Mii" is a character form of you, the player, that you can customize with traits that resemble you. After the Wii Fit assessment ran and it told me I was obese, it then made my Mii fatter, and rode her shirt up! What the hell!?! :)

Anyway, on a rainy day this will be lots of fun. I won't be a real-life Guitar Hero anytime soon, trust me. I'm probably better off shooting for being a star Yogi. :)


  1. The more time you spend on it - the more fun stuff you can do... I really like the step aerobics stuff, and the rhymic boxing...


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