Wow... 3 Weeks Already?

I can't believe how quickly time flies. I also can't believe the walls of my gym didn't cave when I passed through the doors today. I made it back though... thank goodness.

We all suffer from PISD (Post Ike Stress Disorder) -- getting back into the routine of life again is so hard. It makes me realize how much a creature of habit I am. For me, work, food and exercise go hand-in-hand.

25 Days until the LiveStrong ride. The more weight I drop, the less I have to lug around. So if that's not motivation enough to get some extra cardio in, nothing is!

I've also commited to the 2009 MS150. Don't know for sure which team I'll be riding for; Bike Barn, Sun and Ski or Mission Control, but me and my cohorts will definitely find solace among others in a team-friendly environment.

We're still waiting for an adjuster to come to our home and assess the damage Ike did to our home. It's hard being patient, but we know there are others who are looking at the sky through their roofs, or worse have no roof (or house!) at all.

In the midst of all this, my Cassafrass turned 4! We had her birthday party at gymnastics. Not a ton of kids showed, probably because of Ike, but enough to make it fun. I'll post some pictures, but until then, here's my annual video reminder of her birth day:

Here's a funny thing... one of Cassie's classmates said "Ike needs a spanking and a long timeout!" I couldn't have said it better!


  1. So much has been going on for you and I haven't been here. I apologize. I'm just not with it as you know.

    I am so impressed with your cartwheel abilities! :)

    Happy birthday to Cassie.

    Thank God you made it through Hurricane Ike!

    You look just amazing in your bathroom picture. It's crazy that it's almost been two years for us. Time flies!

    I'll try not to be so lame from now on.


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