Random Thought...

You know, there is a counter at the bottom of this page and it shows limited details about the visitors to my blog. It's kind of cool to see where they came from, what they clicked on, or even what country they're from!

What's really interesting though is that in the last 3 weeks these 3 google searches have brought a bunch of folks to my site:

1) "Pumpkin bread"
2) "Sausage Stuffed Pork Tenderloin"
3) "2008 LiveSTRONG Austin"

I get number 3 and even number 1, but number 2 is so specific, it makes me laugh.

Guess it's proof that if you write it, they will make it... or at least find it through Google. :)


  1. I just signed up on Feedburner and am starting to get the same information... some of the things people Google are hysterical.

    Of course - I'm sure somewhere out there people are laughing at things I've Googled too. :-)


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