Sunday... Riding again.

Hit the road this morning with my friend Jodi, as she's also decided to do the LiveSTRONG ride. :) About 30 miles and lots of wind. I'm happy my tukus isn't hurting, so that just confirms that the MS150 must have put quite a callus on my ass. :)

Bike Around the (Galveston) Bay has been cancelled due to Ike. :(

Going to make stuffed pork roast today, so we have leftovers for during the week. The Cassinator wants to make pudding too, so we'll be busy cookin' this afternoon.

I forgot to mention, my Daughter had a birthday party at "Jumpin' Jungle" on Friday night. It's a storefront full of all kinds inflatable jumping aparatuses. They're made for little ones, with little feetand hands, but I wasn't going to let that stop me.. Stop back to catch the video later. All I can say is at the least, I am nothing short of tenacious. Watch how these preschoolers look at me... as they're passing me. :) Sorry, you'll have to wait until I upload though -- It's worth it.

More later. I stink. I need a shower.


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