Thursday Workout and Sadness :(

Bench Press
20 x 45 lbs.
15 x 65 lbs.
10 x 95 lbs.
6 x 115 lbs.
3 x 125 lbs.
2 x 145 lbs. <--- benching more than Hubby (for the moment anyway)
10 x 65 lbs.

Assisted Chin-ups
3 sets 15

Barbell Shoulder Press
15 x 45 lbs.
12 x 45 lbs.
10 x 45 lbs.

Saturday I have the LiveSTRONG 5K and on Sunday I have my bike ride (65 miles). My biggest cheerleaders are coming with me; Cass is excited to use her pom-poms for real!

Got some sad news, well, sad for me. My trainer is leaving our gym -- and training altogether for that matter. He is joining the military. It's been a dream for him so I'm glad.

He's just helped me so much! But, at some point I have to be on my own. 5 more sessions and we're through. It's like breaking-up! :(


  1. Can your trainer refer you to someone else?

    What ever happened with your thoughts about becoming a trainer yourself? Are you still thinking about it? I really think you'd be amazing at it - and you'd have such a unique perspective and story to share with people.


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