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I Made It; Light-n-Hearty Pea Soup

Oh Mama... here's your recipe! My recipe entry for MM's contest.... To speed things up I'll buy a small bag of the "matchstick" carrots. I always need an extra box of chicken stock also. Split Pea Soup (Great post-op food!) Servings: Makes 4 Prep Time: About 15 minutes Cooking Time: About 1 1/4 hours 2 cups dried split peas 2 tablespoons unsalted butter 1 large onion, chopped 2 carrots, peeled and chopped 1 bay leaf 6 cups water or chicken stock, or as needed 1/2 pound spinach, tough stems removed Milk for thinning, optional <--- I don't use. 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon ground pepper 4 oz. Pancetta 1. Pick over split peas and discard and misshapen peas or stones. Rinse peas and drain. 2. In saucepan, over medium heat, melt butter. Add onion and Pancetta; sauté about 10 minutes, until tender and translucent, stirring occasionally. Add peas, carrots, bay leaf and 6 cups of water or stock. Raise heat to high and bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat to low

Heh, Heh...

Well, we're halfway home from Alabama (without the banjo on my knee). We did, however, find me a S'bucks for tomorrow morning -- I just consider it alternative fuel fro my trip. :) I wish! One of my new favorite sites . :)

Fab Food Find: Alvarado Street Bakery Tortillas

Alvarado Street Bakery is a certified organic bakery specializing in sprouted whole grain breads and bread products. I'm not such a fan of their low glycemic sprouted grain bread, as for me, it the texture is just too dry and grainy, but I love their regular sprouted whole wheat bread, which is still sits decently on the glycemic index. Given the recent dietary suggestions I received I am trying to add some more carbs. In order to be okay with that, I have to make sure I find the best "good" carbs possible for my body. So I was very happy to find Alvarado Street Bakery's Sprouted Whole Wheat Tortillas . I'd been using the La Tortilla factory tortillas and I like them okay, but these I really enjoy the taste and texture of Alvarado's better. They're have more of a traditional tortilla texture. When heated, they don't get all gooey and rubbery like the La Tortilla Facotory's tortillas. The Alvarado tortillas stay moist, but not wet. I haven'

(Melting) Mama <---- She's crazy!

The Melting Mama is at it again. Go right now. Share your recipe and get in on the contest . I'm a big fan of Click Protein and it's even better when it's free! :) Why are you still reading... go! :)

Turkey Roll Report - Flash Frozen for Your Goodness!

I left Houston on Friday afternoon for a leisurely drive to Dallas. It's about 4 hours from city-to-city and then another hour or so to Denton, TX where the Turkey Roll was to be held I stopped by my old office and shared coffee with a couple of long-time friends who are former co-workers at the compay that laid me off a few years ago. Our meeting must have been destined though, as minutes before we met one of them he found out that the board had just voted out the CIO who was responsible for orchestrating projects, which led to significant losses, which led to layoffs for IT. Anyway... moving on... Feeling how cold it was I knew I needed some gloves for the ride on Saturday. I had forgotten how cold my ears got too, so I made 2 trips to Richardson Bike Mart . Met up with the Cycling Chick Extraordinaire, Coco and WonderTwin Mama Alana and had some dinner and headed to the hotel Got my gear... I was good to go I knew there was a possibility it would be cold... but I had no idea

Chef MD

On my way into work this morning I was listening to Dr. Oz's show on XM. His guest today was John La Puma, a Doctor ... and Culinary School Graduate. Right off the bat I thought the combination was interesting. Long story short, this website Chef MD offers recipes for specific conditions. A lot of different foods offer chemistry that can aid our bodies in absorbing the most of nutrients and assist in alleviating and preventing malaties from occurring The site offers a mailing list that sends you free recipes. Also, I love the "shopping list" feature. When you see a recipe you want to try, you click on it and it adds the ingredients to a list for you. So far, the recipes I have checked out all have ingredients you can find at a regular grocery store -- which is usually my challenge. I also like the video that goes with each recipe. While doing the recipe for you, he explains why certain foods are good, and how to maximize their potential to your body. Evidently this do

Tuesday - Workout & Food

Cardio @ Lunch 30 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Stationary Bike (Not sure I like the idea of riding nowhere outside of spin class) - 60 seconds all out - 2 minutes recovery - Repeat 10 times. Here's the food log for the day:

Monday Workout - Legs

Yesterday.... A little short on time; seems we're on the run lately but got it in. Leg Press 15 x 325 w/u 8 x 505 lbs. 8 x 585 lbs. 8 X 675 lbs. Squats 15 x 45 w/u 8 x 95 lbs. 6 x 105 lbs. 4 x 125 lbs Leg Extensions 15 x 30 w/u 8 x 70 lbs. 8 x 80 lbs. 8 x 90 lbs. Weighted Traveling Lunges 3 Sets of 20 w/15 lbs.

Missing My Sugarfree Holiday "Joy"

It's the hap-hap-happiest time of the year... right? Can't you just hear the music playing? I know it's my favorite time... The weather gets cool. People are happier... okay the hustle and bustle gets to be much and people easily piss me off with how rude they can be, but then I have my holiday themed, red cup of "joy" from Starbucks filled with my favorite Sugar free Nonfat Gingerbread Latte, no whip, extra hot, to help me cope. I wait all year for this flavor... it's my little taste of holiday happiness. :) Imagine how sad I was to find that they are not offering the sugar free Gingerbread flavor this holiday season? You didn't know? Well, they're not. :( Hmmm I wonder what the Starbucks Oracle (over there on the right) would have to say about that? If you're saddened, as much as I am, by this horrific offense, then heed my over dramatized, silly, but nonetheless sincere, plea and write Starbucks . Tell them how your holidays will be ru

Applesauce... No Pork Chops :)

Applesauce was one of the things I found out early, my pouch would no not tolerate. It was suggested to eat it with crushed pills to get the pills down. Bleach! Yuck!! If you havne't tried taking crushed pills with applesauce, don't. And if you do, how can you??? LOL I've different all-natural and unsweetened ones, with which I still had bouts of *swooshiness* with. Until now. :) I just tried Mussleman's All Natural Unsweetened, but they do add Splenda. No *swooshiness*, nice flavor and I like the texture. Chef Dave's book 90 Ways to Ditch Your Diet had a suggestion for a snack. I think it's called Spicey Autumn Cottage Cheeese (could be Autumn Spicey... can't remember). My new need for some good carbs and this snack prompted my purchase of the applesauce: 1/2 c. Cottage Cheese (I use 2%) 1/2 C. Applesauce (I used Mussleman's, above) 1/4 tsp. Pumpkin Pie Spice 1/4 tsp. vanilla 1 packet of Splenda Chef Dave Fouts is a Lap Bander who formally weig

Day 1 - New Plan

Here we go with Day 1 of my new plan (click to see it full-size): It's amazing how difficult it was for me to plan for (and accept) less proetin and more carbs. In fact, it's kinda scary... but I'm going to give this a solid shot for myself (and for Jeremy, since he gave me his time). I decided to use SparkPeople for tracking again because I can easily manipulate my goals for easier tracking. The one limitation with the Apex/BodyBugg site is that if your macronutrient breakdown doesn't fall within their guidelines, you can't use it. Phooey on them! I just won't. So the workout schedule this week will be: Mon: Lift Tue: Cardio Wed: Lift Thu: Cardio Fri: Lift Sat: Bike at least 30 miles (or Cardio) My cardio is going to be something new. On the stationary bike... which I'm not a fan of. But J says try it... so I will. I'll be going full out for 30 to 60 seconds, then slowing down for a couple minutes, then repeast (Intervals). I'll do it 10 time

OH Conference; H-town Style!

Just got back from the conference. I felt that content-wise it was one of the better ones I have been to, but then again it could be because I am in a different place in my "journey." Jeremy, OH's fitness guy, gave me an hour of his time one on one to talk about my exercise. There could be several things going on, so he made some suggestions. First I'm going to lower my protein intake (I was getting up to 180 g's a day). He said between 120 and 130 is plenty, and that at 2 years out absorption is not as much of an issue. In lieu of the protein I'm cutting, I'm going to add some carbs . I'm going to cut my cardio down to 2 HIGH intensity sessions a week, plus a 30 mile bike ride. Weight training will remain, but it will be a consistent 4 times a week. The caloric breakdown will be: 125-130 grams of protein/ 520 cal 150 grams of Carbs /600 cal 30 grams of fat/ 270 cal I'm pretty comfortable getting in about 1300 to 1400 calories and with t

Freaky Friday

So here's the pie-hole action for today. ---> click to see the full-size image... that is, if it matters to you :) Tomorrow is the OH Conference and I'm going. This is always a challenge for me, as being social in a group of folks I don't really know is always uncomfortable and it never seems to get easier. Fortunately I have people in my life that are just here to challenge me *gag*. To that end I reluctantly agreed to be a greeter. I know, Deb, I have to come out of my shell sometime. It's so much easier to be friendly online! LOL I'll miss the meet and greet tonight, but the real meat of the event is on Saturday. Jeremy is OH's fitness guy and he's agreed to spend some time with me looking at my food journal and caloric expenditures. Maybe he can make some helpful suggestions. I also made my 2 year post-op visit to have my labs done. On Sunday, we're doing Disney on Ice for Cassie. She's all excited about seeing her favorite Disney friends

It's so "yucky" out!

It's been so yucky out the last few days in Houston. We haven't had this many days of rain, in a row, for a while. It's just so dreary. <---- Here's What's planned for the pie-hole today. click to see the full-size image. Not much to really post, other than to say "thanks" for the supportive comments. Like I said, I'm pretty spirited about where I am right now, it's just when I really think about where I want to be, where others are and why I'm not there it bugs the snot out of me. Fortunately though it's not long enough to be bring me down for the long haul The long haul is, after all, what we're in it for. I like to remember that if you're stuck in a boat on the middle of the lake, even with just one oar, if you keep paddling your moving. It's when you just say *F* it and give-up that you'll just sit there and make no progress whatsoever. On the whole -135 from my highest weight is amazing -- and that's what I nee

We Won!

I've written about this before; the displeasure with the breakfast cart at my Daughters daycare/school. I'm not one for denying Cassie anything totally, but I am for making proper choices 80% of the time and have her understand that we enjoy some foods only sometimes, "Sometimes Foods." It works in our house and she gets it. I truly don't think she feels deprived. The breakfast cart at her school was inconsistent, at best, with their more "healthy" offerings. Occasionally they'd have fruit, eggs, breakfast meat, etc. But always they would have frosted pastries and sugary cereals. The dilemma is that a pre-schooler wants nothing more than to assert their Independence and make their own food choices... and to that end they should be able to! We teach our kid about healthy choices vs. other choices. We never say something is "bad", we just say it's not a "healthy choice". I had written a couple letters to her daycare, they wer

2 Years... Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

So my 2 year surgi - versary will be here on Saturday and I have very mixed emotions. Quite honestly I don't know why I haven't had the success others have experienced and it is frustrating -- I have to admit it. I eat right, God knows I exercise. I've talked to several professionals but no one offers any answers -- they say, "eat more", "eat less", even "don't workout so hard." Still at 2 years out I've not hit -100 lbs. (since surgery). It's like my body is taunting me, holding me pretty much the same at -95 lbs. I know folks who break the rules daily, or totally disregard them and don't exercise -- even they yield better results! And yeah, it pisses me off sometimes... I feel cheated and admittedly, childish, at times. It's pathetic sometimes. I can't let this be something that saddens me though. Do I regret my choice? Hell no -- just for the simple fact I am no longer Diabetic is reason enough for me. Knowing I wo

Routines, Rides and Ruby

I've been a little busy the last several days. Darren has been sick with a stomach bug and Cassie and went to Dallas for the weekend As for my planned events, I'm going to side-step the Independence Ride (although I love the cause) and do the Turkey Roll in Denton with my TriDiva girls. I just found out that there are 16 of us planning on doing the Triathlon in Austin for 2009! Holy cow!! Today I started back with working out over the lunch hour. I'm trying to figure out a schedule that will afford me a good mixture of activities. I have to have a schedule... I need a schedule. I need a routine. I'm like a kid! Monday - Lunch "hour" Workout (really takes hour and 15 minutes 20 mins HIIT 20 minutes of weights (arms, shoulders, abs - easy) 20 minutes to shower and get back to work! Tuesday - After Work Workout 20 minutes cardio weights (legs) Wednesday - After Work Workout 20 minutes cardio weights (chest, back, abs) Thursday - After Work Workout Training


Need to schedule my 2 year post-op visit. :) Anxious to see my blood work! It still blows me away everytime I find out I'm still no longer Diabetic. Thursday workout: 20 minutes Cardio intervals Start out with squats, but my knee was buggin' me. Probably just a touch of tendonitis from running at the Challenge. In fact, my hip is still buggin' me a bit. So, with the knee pain, we just went for upper body. Everything, except the bench press, on Freemotion Cable Machine: Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press 3 sets 25 lbs. x 15 Lateral Cable Pull-down 1 set 15 x 70 lbs. 1 set 15 x 60 lbs. 1 set 12 x 60 lbs. Tricep Press 3 sets 25 lbs. x 15 Bench Press 20 x 45 lbs. 15 x 65 lbs. 10 x 85 lbs. 6 x 110 lbs. 2 x 135 lbs. 1 x 145 lbs. Tried 150 lbs. Didn't have it! Might have been in my head :( 2 x 145 lbs.

Experiment: Avocado Mayonaise...

Check this food science experiment out... Interesting!

On My Birthday....

After all these years, I've finally decided to be kind to myself. At 41 I'm doing things I've never done before and feel better than I ever have. I have a fantastick Husband and beautiful Daughter who love me on both good days and bad. And while my circle of friends is not that big, the ones I have are quality Slowly I'm coming to terms with the fact that my WLS journey will be long and slow -- unlike many others'. I am slowly realizing the fact I may never get any smaller than a 14/16 but that to be truly healthy and fit is what is important. Hell, from where I was, it's still amazing -- I'm just 5 inches away from a "healthy" size waist! After sharing the LiveSTRONG pics with some friends, I realize what I see is still not what they see. To be told that they see muscle tone and have an athletic build are good things and I need to recognize that. It doesn't mean that I can't keep moving forward, but I need to appreciate what I've acc

My Very Own Circus!

With the political circus over (just how did Obama know I wanted him to win? :o That's a huge gift!), my birthday circus starts! I am, officially, part of the "Over 40" demographic. And you know what? I'm okay with that; even kind of proud. I will enjoy my day. Of course no birthday goes untold at the office... below are pictures of what I walked into this morning. You know, sometimes when I bitch about the commute on days like today, I realize that in the big picture it's minor. These folks I work with really are the best. I've made a few very good friends in places I've worked before, but at this place there's more "good" than "bad." I have an amazing boss who leads by example, and the people I work with are just so thoughtful. Makes me all warm and fuzzy. :) Came into work this morning to find my office wrapped up! The monitor, keyboard, mouse, phone... even my eyeglasses, were all wrapped. Plus, animals setup to do circus tri