Chef MD

On my way into work this morning I was listening to Dr. Oz's show on XM. His guest today was John La Puma, a Doctor... and Culinary School Graduate. Right off the bat I thought the combination was interesting.

Long story short, this website Chef MD offers recipes for specific conditions. A lot of different foods offer chemistry that can aid our bodies in absorbing the most of nutrients and assist in alleviating and preventing malaties from occurring

The site offers a mailing list that sends you free recipes. Also, I love the "shopping list" feature. When you see a recipe you want to try, you click on it and it adds the ingredients to a list for you. So far, the recipes I have checked out all have ingredients you can find at a regular grocery store -- which is usually my challenge.

I also like the video that goes with each recipe. While doing the recipe for you, he explains why certain foods are good, and how to maximize their potential to your body. Evidently this doctor has a TV show -- I had not heard of it before now.

Anyway it all sounded very interesting. Just wanted to share it.


  1. My gosh - this sounds AWESOME!! I can't wait to check it out when I get some free time today - like say my entire lunch hour?! WOO HOO!


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