Freaky Friday

So here's the pie-hole action for today. ---> click to see the full-size image... that is, if it matters to you :)

Tomorrow is the OH Conference and I'm going. This is always a challenge for me, as being social in a group of folks I don't really know is always uncomfortable and it never seems to get easier. Fortunately I have people in my life that are just here to challenge me *gag*. To that end I reluctantly agreed to be a greeter. I know, Deb, I have to come out of my shell sometime. It's so much easier to be friendly online! LOL I'll miss the meet and greet tonight, but the real meat of the event is on Saturday. Jeremy is OH's fitness guy and he's agreed to spend some time with me looking at my food journal and caloric expenditures. Maybe he can make some helpful suggestions. I also made my 2 year post-op visit to have my labs done.

On Sunday, we're doing Disney on Ice for Cassie. She's all excited about seeing her favorite Disney friends on skates. Speaking of skates, I really want a pair of roller skates. I hear they're making a comeback. I just think it would be great exercise, and far safer than my roller blades. I was a great skater (both roller and ice!) and I thought roller blades would be an easy transition. Huh... think again. :) It's pathetic that I have to strategically park my Jeep so that when I come around the loop I can grab my spare tire to stop! LOL If anyone wants to buy a pair K9 roller blades that are barely used, size 9, let me know! LOL I don't know much about blades, but they were high quality blades with some kind of high tech braking system, but I got them on super-duper-mega clearance. :)

Last night was my second-to-last workout with my trainer. :( So here's the workout action from last night:

Alternated Cable Row with Cable Bicep

Cable Row
15 x 60 lbs.1
2 x 60 lbs.
10 x 60 lbs.

Cable Bicep
15 x 50 lbs.
12 x 50 lbs.
10 x 50 lbs.

Alt'd Barbell Shoulder Pres w/leg lifts on bench

Barbell Shoulder Press
15 x 45 lbs.
12 x 65 lbs.
10 x 70 lbs.

Leg Lifts
3 Sets 15

Alt'd DB Chest Press w/DB Tricep Extension

DB Chest Press
20 x 17.5 lbs.
15 x 25 lbs.
10 x 27 lbs.
6 x 32 lbs.
4 x 45 lbs.
2 x 50 lbs.

DB Tricep Extension
15 x 25 lbs.
10 x 25 lbs.
6 x 25 lbs.

Good ol' Fashioned crunches on disk:
3 sets of 25


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