Missing My Sugarfree Holiday "Joy"

It's the hap-hap-happiest time of the year... right? Can't you just hear the music playing?

I know it's my favorite time... The weather gets cool. People are happier... okay the hustle and bustle gets to be much and people easily piss me off with how rude they can be, but then I have my holiday themed, red cup of "joy" from Starbucks filled with my favorite Sugar free Nonfat Gingerbread Latte, no whip, extra hot, to help me cope.

I wait all year for this flavor... it's my little taste of holiday happiness. :)

Imagine how sad I was to find that they are not offering the sugar free Gingerbread flavor this holiday season?

You didn't know? Well, they're not. :( Hmmm I wonder what the Starbucks Oracle (over there on the right) would have to say about that?

If you're saddened, as much as I am, by this horrific offense, then heed my over dramatized, silly, but nonetheless sincere, plea and write Starbucks.

Tell them how your holidays will be ruined without this holiday favorite.
Tell them how you can't have sugar... tell them how having access to this treat doesn't leave you wanting for Egg Nog Lattes or White Hot Chocolates because you're getting tasty, healthy alternative, cup of holiday inspired joy.

Or, just tell them you want it back. :) That's good too.


  1. I want to see you standing on a table holding a sign... so I can call you Norma Raye! HA! :-) That does stink that they aren't having that flavor this year...

  2. Hi Donna! ust thought I would share this. If you have a World Market in your area, they now carry the Sugar free Gingerbread Syrup! I have been having a SF Gingerbread LAtte with protien in the mornings! Might be worth a look!

  3. Scott, that's awesome to know. They just recently opened on in my area too! Yay!


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