My Very Own Circus!

With the political circus over (just how did Obama know I wanted him to win? :o That's a huge gift!), my birthday circus starts! I am, officially, part of the "Over 40" demographic. And you know what? I'm okay with that; even kind of proud. I will enjoy my day.

Of course no birthday goes untold at the office... below are pictures of what I walked into this morning.

You know, sometimes when I bitch about the commute on days like today, I realize that in the big picture it's minor. These folks I work with really are the best. I've made a few very good friends in places I've worked before, but at this place there's more "good" than "bad." I have an amazing boss who leads by example, and the people I work with are just so thoughtful. Makes me all warm and fuzzy. :)

Came into work this morning to find my office wrapped up! The monitor, keyboard, mouse, phone... even my eyeglasses, were all wrapped. Plus, animals setup to do circus tricks all over the place!

Dogs jumping through fiery hoops, tigers waiting their turn and "Hoops" being blown out of a Nerf Gun on my YouTube video costume. Plus a whole zoo of balloon animals scattered throughout my office.

They ain't right, I tell ya!


  1. now that took some thought and effort.... Happy Birthday to you !!!

  2. HOW FUN!! I love it!


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