OH Conference; H-town Style!

Just got back from the conference. I felt that content-wise it was one of the better ones I have been to, but then again it could be because I am in a different place in my "journey."

Jeremy, OH's fitness guy, gave me an hour of his time one on one to talk about my exercise. There could be several things going on, so he made some suggestions.

First I'm going to lower my protein intake (I was getting up to 180 g's a day). He said between 120 and 130 is plenty, and that at 2 years out absorption is not as much of an issue. In lieu of the protein I'm cutting, I'm going to add some carbs. I'm going to cut my cardio down to 2 HIGH intensity sessions a week, plus a 30 mile bike ride. Weight training will remain, but it will be a consistent 4 times a week.

The caloric breakdown will be:

125-130 grams of protein/ 520 cal
150 grams of Carbs /600 cal
30 grams of fat/ 270 cal

I'm pretty comfortable getting in about 1300 to 1400 calories and with the suggested changes in my workout, it might help.

But... I also found out, and I can't believe I didn't realize this: In spite of my 212 lb. body, I sit at 34% body fat. I'm on the cusp of being of healthy body fat (25% to 32%). Jeremy says I should focus on that and forget about the danged BMI. I told him what I'm most worried about is my waist measurement, as I am apple-shaped and carry my weight in the middle. I told him I want to lose 6" on my waist. I don't care what the scale says I'm at.

Sooooo, then I did the most unexpected thing. While watching a plastic surgeon's presentation I saw pictures of bodies that looked like mine... my double cottage cheese stomach that looks like someone hung it from a coat hook. I saw a few more pictures, and it got me thinking..."ould that really be my stomach?" I was brave. I signed up for a free consult. I felt kind of stupid because I figured he'd think I was nuts coming in with my 200+ lbs.; but he didn't.

What he did say was "excellent job with your weight loss. Your back looks great." He said, "I don't recommend a circumferential body lift, but instead an extended tummy tuck." "Huh?" I thought?

As he's grabbing my pannus in his hands, he says "...all this will be gone." I was stunned. I asked, "About how many inches would that take off my waist?" He said "4" easy, possibly 5" or 6." Of course he had to qualify that because it wasn't a detailed consult, but he "felt very good about it" and said again that I definitely don't need a full body lift.

So, in the end there's really nothing much I can do about my pannus. I never ever thought I'd be a candidate for plastics, but as I understand it at the moment, for my body this will be the only way to get my desired result.

Knowing that, coupled with the fact I'm so close to being in a healthy body fat % range really makes me feel better about where I am. Add to that no longer being Diabetic and no longer experiencing sleep apnea and it's a pretty good deal. :)

Sorry to seem so manic about progress this week, but it is my blog. :)

I have no where else to vent! Anyway, what great findings on my actual 2 years out (today!).


  1. Jeremy is a cool kid. WTG on only needing a frontal tuckage, too. Wow. :)

  2. My goodness that does change perspective, doesn't it?! Wow!!


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