Routines, Rides and Ruby

I've been a little busy the last several days. Darren has been sick with a stomach bug and Cassie and went to Dallas for the weekend

As for my planned events, I'm going to side-step the Independence Ride (although I love the cause) and do the Turkey Roll in Denton with my TriDiva girls. I just found out that there are 16 of us planning on doing the Triathlon in Austin for 2009! Holy cow!!

Today I started back with working out over the lunch hour. I'm trying to figure out a schedule that will afford me a good mixture of activities. I have to have a schedule... I need a schedule. I need a routine. I'm like a kid!

Monday - Lunch "hour" Workout (really takes hour and 15 minutes
20 mins HIIT
20 minutes of weights (arms, shoulders, abs - easy)
20 minutes to shower and get back to work!

Tuesday - After Work Workout
20 minutes cardio
weights (legs)

Wednesday - After Work Workout
20 minutes cardio
weights (chest, back, abs)

Thursday - After Work Workout
Training Session - Just 2 left! :(
Friday - Lunch "hour" Workout
20 mins HIIT
20 minutes of weights (legs - easy)
20 minutes to shower and get back to work!

Spin Class or Ride
Wii Yoga

Wii Yoga

So next week is my 2 year surgi-versary. I need to make my follow-up appointment with my doc. I haven't lost anything in 5 months... It's hard not to feel frustrated. On the flip side, I haven't gained. :)

I watched the first episode of Ruby last night. I can understand what her friends mean when they say she is "intoxicating." In 29 minutes I wanted to be her biggest cheerleader. I am curious to see how this all falls out. I accidentally came across this show on a commercial (which I never watch because I TIVO nearly everything). Kind of odd to find this kind of programming on the Style Network, but okay, I'll give it a try.

I love the way they're approaching it, from all angles... physical, emotional and dietary. No magic pills or shakes. No doctor pressing her to have surgery -- so far that option was not even mentioned. Just Ruby, finally fed up and scared to death that she'll die in her sleep from her Apnea. Get your Kleenex ready, I think you're gonna need it for sure.

I will say this... at 500+ lbs. this woman gets around incredibly well! I can recall a few episodes of Big Medicine with people who weighed less and were even more immobile. It's always been interesting to me that you can have 2 people at 500 lbs. and one gets around amazingly well and the other can't get up from a bed.


  1. Isn't your anniversary on Saturday? I thought we were the same day - just a year apart?

    I sooo get your need for a routine - I have to have that too! I'm still working on getting mine set as well. How is it that I can commit to blogging everyday for a year, but somehow working out doesn't get the same treatment?

    Wow - I might have to check out the show - I haven't heard of it before, but it sounds like something we all should watch!


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