Need to schedule my 2 year post-op visit. :) Anxious to see my blood work! It still blows me away everytime I find out I'm still no longer Diabetic.

Thursday workout:

20 minutes Cardio intervals

Start out with squats, but my knee was buggin' me. Probably just a touch of tendonitis from running at the Challenge. In fact, my hip is still buggin' me a bit. So, with the knee pain, we just went for upper body.

Everything, except the bench press, on Freemotion Cable Machine:

Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press
3 sets 25 lbs. x 15

Lateral Cable Pull-down
1 set 15 x 70 lbs.
1 set 15 x 60 lbs.
1 set 12 x 60 lbs.

Tricep Press
3 sets 25 lbs. x 15

Bench Press
20 x 45 lbs.
15 x 65 lbs.
10 x 85 lbs.
6 x 110 lbs.
2 x 135 lbs.
1 x 145 lbs.
Tried 150 lbs. Didn't have it! Might have been in my head :(
2 x 145 lbs.


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