Friday, December 12, 2008

Checkin' In with a Bullet List

  • I'm here... just insanely busy. Caught a Facebook virus from a stupid-ass app that I inadvertantly clicked, and just like that, I'm rebuilding my WORK laptop for 2.5 days. back to normal now.
  • Have some food porn... but the Gastric bypass FAIL kind -- for birthdays at work. I can smell, can't I?
  • Going to tackle making Gram's fruitcake. It's a freakin' old recipe. Makes 10 lbs. of batter-- if you're nice, you might get a brick 'o cheer.
  • Snow in Houston folks; it's true. I have pictures to prove it..
  • Working late tonight and tomorrow morning. :(
  • Getting hair done Saturday
  • Cassie has a birthday party Saturday
  • Darren and I get to go to my holiday dinner for work... kinda like a date. *gasp*
  • Should get bloodwork results next week!
  • Gotta get the goods to the Wonder Twins Mama!
  • Ordered my Mission Control Jersey, shorts and socks. I'm gonna be like one of the cool kids now. :)
  • It doesn't ease up next week either.... Dance school xmas party, North Pole Flyer trip to Austin, Mom coming in, blah, blah, blah

Talk about hustle and bustle. More later.


Courtney said...

Thanks...now I can call off the search party. :p

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