Checkin' In with a Bullet List

  • I'm here... just insanely busy. Caught a Facebook virus from a stupid-ass app that I inadvertantly clicked, and just like that, I'm rebuilding my WORK laptop for 2.5 days. back to normal now.
  • Have some food porn... but the Gastric bypass FAIL kind -- for birthdays at work. I can smell, can't I?
  • Going to tackle making Gram's fruitcake. It's a freakin' old recipe. Makes 10 lbs. of batter-- if you're nice, you might get a brick 'o cheer.
  • Snow in Houston folks; it's true. I have pictures to prove it..
  • Working late tonight and tomorrow morning. :(
  • Getting hair done Saturday
  • Cassie has a birthday party Saturday
  • Darren and I get to go to my holiday dinner for work... kinda like a date. *gasp*
  • Should get bloodwork results next week!
  • Gotta get the goods to the Wonder Twins Mama!
  • Ordered my Mission Control Jersey, shorts and socks. I'm gonna be like one of the cool kids now. :)
  • It doesn't ease up next week either.... Dance school xmas party, North Pole Flyer trip to Austin, Mom coming in, blah, blah, blah

Talk about hustle and bustle. More later.


  1. I can call off the search party. :p


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