All Will be Mine in 2009!

So here's the obligatory New Year's entry. A day late (do doubt a dollar short). I'm not much for resolutions; never have been, but I do appreciate the concept of a new year and a fresh start.

Instead I will reflect on some highlights from 2009:
  • Lost some weight... even though it was as much as I hoped for, it is still trending down.
  • Did my first MS150
  • Did my first full Triathlon
  • Ran (not walked) my first 5K
  • Made it through Hurricane Ike
  • Had a great 10 day vacation in NJ and caught up with friends
  • Got final word that Cassie is brain-cancer free.
  • Rode with Lance Armstrong for a nanosecond... as he passed me on the Livestrong course.
  • Set some Personal Best records with my weightlifting
  • Had a great annual review at my job.
  • The DFO (Domestic Financial Officer aka Darren) and I finally implemented a successful and routine savings plan.
And since I personally did not want to resolve to do anything specific for 2009, one of my co-workers felt compelled to compose some resolutions for me (for humor's sake). This is the list she left me on my desk
  • Brush-up on table manners; you'll never know when you'll need elevated etiquette.
  • Buy only generic/store branded batteries
  • Acquire handle-bar streamers and bike bell for road bike (before the MS150)
  • Get polarized lenses in your daily-wear sunglasses
  • Teach Cassie upper level humorous profanity (I asked her if "Shrek" qualified)
  • Beat your lactose intolerance the old fashioned way; go for it! Your immunities will eventually kick in.
  • Try to increase demand for Funyons. They're delicious and more and more difficult to find. Let's do our part ot bring'em back.
  • Clean up your act and start acting "white". You're an IT Manager, not a gangster, and this isn't New Jersey. (Guess they're uncomfortable with me pounding my chest and hollering "peace-out" to the youngin' s in the office... I'm just trying to be hip! Hate the playah... hate the game.)
  • Rekindle your East Coast accent or acquire a southern drawl.
Ha, ha, ha, ha!

In short order I will be putting together a new training plan. Since I'm committed to the Danskin Tri, MS150 and LiveStrong (As along as the amazing Coco is coming to Austin) I need to get on the ball with multi-sport training.

Confirmed & Potential Events (Going for at least 1 a month.)

Frost 50

Tri County Hill Hopper
Peddaling the Prairie

The Guaranty Bank Tour de Houston

Space Race

The Wild Ride Bike Rally

Danskin Tri


Take on the Heat Triathlon

Tour de Pink

LiveStrong Challenge



There are a couple things I do want to work towards, but refuse to call them resolutions because they are things that will take time and thought... I don't want a deadline looming over my head to determine weather I've "achieved" or "failed" -- just to make positive progress would be acceptable:
  • Get more serious about my bike training... work towards a steady cadence, faster average speed and higher mileage for the year. Last year I got in just under 1,000 miles.
  • Figure out what it is I want to do when I grow-up and come up with a plan for distance learning... AGAIN.
  • Evaluate schools for Cassie and come up with a solid education path.
  • Get more serious about swimming... train enough for the tri distances required. Maybe join a multi-sport training group.


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