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It's what we all thought; I'm Hypothyroid. Didn't think I'd be so happy to say it, but I am. He cut me a prescription for Levoxyl, which you better believe, I will be starting today. He said I might be a little shaky to start, but to tough it out. He said I also might see some weight loss.... and (wait for it) not to take 2 a day.

Imagine... eating right, exercising AND lose weight. I might think I'm dreaming if I don't see a 4 to 7 lb. fluctuation a couple times a week!

Now, I asked if I could have broke my own thyroid. Given the fact that I restricted calories so long as a result of the RNY, could that have something to do with it? He said that question was "interesting" and "good". He'd also said he'd love to see my bloodwork pre-op. Which I happen to have. He said he'd be able to tell if I was or wasn't. Hey, if it helps someone else, that's all I care about.

My Prolactin levels were a high too. Prolactin is most familiar to us when it comes to breast-feeding, but it's also important to visits by Aunt Flo and PMS. So hopefully once my thyroid is fixed, my Prolactin will get in line.

I really like this guy... he's a little quirky, but you can tell he knows, he knows his stuff. :)

Never thought I'd be so happy to hear something is wrong with me.


  1. I find that sometimes it is very helpful to have an answer... even if it is that something is wrong... at least it isn't a BIG mystery anymore.

  2. My prolactin levels are high too, but I don't think I have any thyroid issues. My doc has me on Parlodel to lower the prolactin levels. I have been bad about taking them.. was due for bloodwork this month, but I'm going to go next month since I just got back in the habit of taking it daily. Good luck with the new meds! :)


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