Finally Friday

This week has been crazy. I have been sick all week and even spent 2 days at home. I had to miss Cassie's class trip to NASA, so she was bummed (as was I).

So the news I got on Monday was good, in that what the Endo felt was a normal, nodular lymph. Evidently my thyroid is small, so I guess the relative size of the nodule to the thyroid raised the question mark? I will ask about it today. Just glad that the C word is not par of the equation now.

Today I go back to the Endo and will hopefully get the results to the rest of my blood tests. I am not sure the Thyrel (ol sp?) test results will be back for today's visit, but here's hoping. There will be an update later, for sure.

I am still fighting the crud, but really want to ride with my team tomorrow morning -- I mean, at some point I need to meet them! April is around the corner and the MS150 will be here in no time. By the way... thanks to all of you who contributed. I met my minimum fundraising requirement! That guarantees me 2 days of severe pain for my glutious maximus -- emphasis on the "maximus." :) I know the economy sucks and people don't have as much to give, so I'm genuinely and sincerely grateful.

More later...

Oh! One more thing... I got iPod Bike-to-Beach Speakers for my bike. I am soooo excited., as it will make long solo rides more bearable. This contraption mounts on the bike Tube and houses your iPod inside. Way cool... and just $37. I suppose I'm late to the game though -- as it was originally $90+. Guess the novelty has worn off!


  1. I'm glad to hear that things turned out well with the nodule! Let me know how things go today.


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