General Stuff and Super Sleuthing the Thyroid...

So not really anything different on the food front. Pretty much the same thing I ate yesterday, but 1/4th of an apple in place of the cherries for my morning and afternoon snacks.

I've been drinking the Nectar Sweets Vanilla Torte Protein. Love their Lattes, but this one really fails to satisfy. Although it does dissolve easily in shaker cup, I don't like the way it looks when you mix it with water. It somewhat separates and gets a translucent look about it. The flavor, well, I like the Labrada V90 vanilla better. I need some good low carb vanilla protein!!!

I've been Tivo'ing Oprah Best Life series this week and watched the first installment last night. I have to say I really felt her pain. I mean, I don't think I've ever seen her so angry at something (herself) since the cattle ranchers took her to court. It was genuine, for sure. I appreciate her candor and honesty.

That said, I think she longs for something more than just "balance". I don't think that's what it's really about, and that's a fine answer for viewers at home. I just hope she's keeping it real privately.

People forget that she did lose of 90 lbs. and kept more than 40 off before the most recent fall off the wagon. I thought it wild she had to visit so many doctors, only to have the viewers write her and tell her it was a thyroid issue. Of course, eventually, a doctor confirmed it, but why are doctors so reluctant to diagnose?

In terms of my own possible thyroid issues, I know I'm on to something -- thanks to Corrie noting me and telling me about Hashimoto's disease. It's actually a top cause of Hypothyroidism and can go undetected. It is actually and autoimmune disease where antibodies slowly attack the thyroid and it can take years before a TSH screening would show anything. I know I have classic (and undeniable) symptoms, the more I read the more testing I want done.

Something else I've never received an explanation for is my large weight fluctuations (like over night, or for 2 or 3 days). This has happened to me since my professional dieting career started! LOL Of course I know it wasn't real weight, but it's still a mind f*ck nonetheless. But as I read I'm learning there are periods where the thyroid can go in and out of good function, even causing temporary hyperthyroidism and then a return to hypothyroidism. Cycles like this can lead to periods of weight loss then weight gain/or no loss. Since last April I've been around 212, but as and as high as 219 (even if just for a couple days, then comes back down). When I would tell people this they think I'm crazy... really I'm not!

I can't determine if I'm truly depressed. I mean, I know no one wants to admit it, but if I'm keeping it real, I think I'm more frustrated and feel like a failure. *wah!* I know I've cried this river before, but in my whacky head losing the weight is not just about being healthy, but also about succeeding in life. That's the part I need to change and I'm trying to do that in my head.



  1. I think you're so smart to research it on your own - because as great as Dr. W is... he can't know everything that goes on in us on a day to day basis... so it's good to research and take him things that you think are possibilities. Then he can help rule them out.

    Speaking of him... I think that Velma left the office or something - I just got back from there and it was crazy and very understaffed today. Dr. W took my vitals and brought the next patient back into the room while I was paying. :-)

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