How Do I Stuff My Pie Hole in the Morning?

A lurker wants to know,

"If you had a Gastric Bypass, how come you can eat so much at breakfast?"

Well, the truth is I don't eat all that at one meal. I eat my egg whites around 6:30 and the Oatmeal (or my healthy-carb-of-choice) around 9:00. In doing so though, often I don't eat a morning snack, unless it's a protein drink. Oatmeal is pretty filling and sticks to me for a while.

Sometimes I have my egg whites with a low carb/whole wheat tortilla, then I don't have a "second" breakfast, so to speak, since I got my carbs in earlier that morning.

Unfortunately Eggs are a challenge for me sometimes; they're such a great source of protein! Sometimes they are pouch friendly, and sometimes they are not. If I'm not careful as to how I cook them (I cannot whip them to make them fluffy) or, if I don't cook them with something else, like meat or cheese and mix them together before eating, the whites get stuck and I get sick... lovely, I know. It's really embarrassing to get sick at work and it's happen like 4 times now. It's only thing that seems to bother me.

Breakfast is usually, and intentionally, my biggest meal of the day. So if it takes me a while to eat and get all the nutrition in, that's fine with me. :)

Thanks for the question.


  1. Eggs are just about the only thing that make me ill too. I have to be really careful with them, and I make sure not to just try to eat a scrambled egg alone... it has to be mixed with something else.

    I wonder what that's all about?

  2. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Eggs used to KILL me!! Scrambled eggs used to mean instant puking for about a year after surgery. I'm okay with them now, but it took trying them a few times.

    Now I can't eat cereal with milk. Even lactose-free milk. Dumping syndrome EVERY TIME.


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