Last night's workout was good. I felt spent... the good kind of spent. The circuits had me sweating my a$$ off in no time. 3 sets of 10 on everything, no breaks, except between circuits for like a minute.

Just for fun, I added some King Squats. A little awkward feeling at first, but I became acclamated by the 2nd set. Have to remember to get the front foot far enough out in front of you, so that when you squat you don't let your knee go beyond your foot planted on the floor.

More of the same today -- just having some Kamut Cakes and SF preserves with my protein for a morning and afternoon snack. Dance Class for Cassie tonight, so JIB for dinner -- I'm thankful there is a decent option for us. Even with dance class though, I am determined to get my hour of cardio in. Today is my "rest" day for my muscles, so there's no reason I can't pull-out a quality hour of intervals. :)

Missed recording Idol last night (sh*t!)


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