Me? Tagged??

Tagged by MM and the she-Rebel/Saint. :)

1) I hate Houston. Even though I live here, it ain't home. :(
2) I'm one of those freaks who actually likes (my Granmother's) fruitcake.
3) I run... but only after I swim and bike -- I loathe running.
4) Some people like shoes and clothes, I have a thing for $NICE$ bags -- buy'em and sell'em like used cars on Ebay and will search tirelessly for the right deal.
5) I believe that just because they make it in your size, doesn't mean you have to wear it. ;)
6) Can't start my day without breakfast, but can't eat the moment I rise, either.
7) Scrambled eggs make me barf.
8) Just got a pair of Uggs -- I love them; don't know why it took me so long. It's like I died and went to pedi-heaven.
9) Love listening to choral music (still)
10) Enjoy books aobut living well and good health
11) While I'm good at what I do for a living, it's not my passion.
12) In reference to 11 -- I'm not sure what that "passion" is. Oiy.
13) It's never about winning -- it's only about starting and finishing.
14) I can still do a cart-wheel and a split -- 4 year olds keep 41 year olds young!
15) To mix things up at the gym, I enjoy boxing the snot out of my trainer. :)
16) "It's fun to be strong." (A quote from Cheryl Haworth USA Weightlifting Team) tickles me. She's right.
17) The best sound is my Daughter's whole-hearted belly laugh.
18) The first things I have when I go back to Jersey: Bagels, Pizza, Pork Roll, Subs and DnD. LOL (Shit! just re-read this -- good thing I got out of Jersey when I did!)
19) Even though it is more of an automotive cocoon, I think it's great my Husband hasn't given up on restoring his old Mustang.
20) I have ideas. Lots of'em.
21) Since starting a family, I've had to find a new level of "normal", but still feel badly when I can't get to everything. Of course, it begs to be asked, "What is normal?"
22) In reference to 22 -- prioritizing life is a constant challenge!
23) Life is good.
24) Can't imagine my life without my Huband and Daughter; I'm a lucky duck.
25) It's been great bumping into friends here on FB, even if only for a quick "Hi, how the hell are you after all these years!?!"


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