Had to have my A, E and K blood tests redrawn, thanks to Lab Corp's lack of equipment -- Light and blood for vitamin tests do not mix! They didn't have the right tubes to shield the blood from the light.

So my B12 is low; I got a shot to help with that. He said it wasn't terribly low, but still lower than he likes to see. Everything else that was low on my last visit was good.

As far as he's concerned, if I am exhibiting classic Hypothyroid symptoms, then we'll move forward as such until it is proven otherwise. I go to an Endocrinologist on Friday morning. Ugh! I just want some answers. While my doc didn't tell me what his thoughts were exactly, he did say, "Your problems could be more thyroid related than you think."

More waiting...

1,193 Calories today
60 minutes of cardio a 80% - 85% HR
5 circuits.


  1. I love it when he tries to be vague. :-) The human body is so frustrating sometimes - I know that for as frustrated as we get... the doctors have to as well. Or at least I believe Dr. W does because he truly cares and doesn't want us to go through all of this mess.

    I hope that the Endocrinologist can help figure it all out... I'll be waiting to hear! I'm praying that it is a simple fix and that it makes all of your hard work start paying off in big ways!

  2. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I'm gonna count this as good news for you! I am SURE the endocrinologist will want to do the antibody test on you... more wait and see, right? I know it sucks.

    Have you ever had low Vitamin D?


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