Repeating GOOD Behavior :)

Back to the gym today. 5 different circuits and 60 minutes of quality cardio, plus warm-up and cool down. I have to say that today there were several times I wanted to stop the cardio -- it was tougher to get through the hour, but I did it.

Every time I thought about quitting, I recognized I was feeling guilty I was taking the time for me. I know that I shouldn't. Feel guilty, that is.

I am worth it.
My health is an important priority.

As much as I do it, it's ironic how I still struggle with motivation.

I spend all week long running right and left. Taking 2 hours on Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday, and still getting all my "chores" done should not leave me feeling badly (i.e. guilty)!

Scale is moving down; that is nice. Tomorrow I see Dr. W to discuss my labs and potential thyroid issues.

I'm off... I stink and have tons to do. :) Shower, Laundry, Playground and Socks!


  1. Motivation is hard... I can't seem to find any - and I'm calling Dr. W. back in the morning to try to start figuring out what in the WORLD is causing this darn dizziness!

  2. I struggle with the same guilt. You are worth it, WE are worth it!


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