Thanks, Food and Workout

First, thanks to Janine and Jessica (Holla!) for their donations to my MS150 effort! I reallly am super grateful for your support, as are those waiting for a cure for MS!

That said, my buttocks thank you too -- I'll think fondly of all those who donated when the bike saddle has worn through my glutes and I feel like I'm sitting on bone at about 80 miles in. It's getting on that bike the start of Day 2 that's so bad!

Wanna feel my love and gratuity too? Click here to support me on the MS150 ride. Every little bit helps!

Here's the regular mumbo-jumbo! Food for today... it's not your eyes, click to see the full-size.

And workout plan:

Circuit 1
BB Squats

Circuit 2
DB Chest Press
Chest Flys
Sumo Squats

Circuit 3
Bench Dips
Leg Extensions
Lateral Raises

Circuit 4
Basic Crunches
Tricep Extensions
King Squats

1 hour of Cardio at 80% to 85% HR


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