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Ahhhh... The Weekend!

I've been MIA this week because all things seemed to be going against me. Though I will say, it could be worse. :) On Friday I picked my car up from the dealer and it was supposedly fixed. I wasn't really happy with the answer, but figured at the least they've managed to fix the problems in the past, so at least the issues would be resolved. Saturday Cassie and I drove, in traffic, to Montgomery (78 miles from home) to pickup a Specialized kiddo's bike. Mommy has a Specialized, so Cassie has to have what Mommy has (that's the stage she's in right now). We got the bike and Cass loves it (No problems with my Jeep either) Sunday I took a run to the local Target'; came home and it looked like my radiator was urinating... Ugh! Not. Fixed. F! So, given the state of my vehicle, I would have to drive my husband's monster truck to work. I hate it... though admittedly I did get somewhat used to it by the end of the week. The warehouse guys were obvi

Saturday Ride

Mileage: 25 Average speed: 13.9 Total Ride Time 1:40 Average HR:152 Max HR: 178 Calories: 2865 Notes: Overall a good ride. Felt good after and not "wiped" Did a great job with speed and cadence today, thanks to my riding partner. Interesting guy; works for FEMA and is here for a few months. He's 62 and does multi-sports also officiates triathlons. Took the Kema bridge pretty good too -- I think better than last time, for sure!

Swim Training

Just to get it noted... Week One Workout: For week one, the swimmer swims a total of 700 yards. To begin, they swim 100 yards, and then rest for 12 breaths. Repeat this three times. (400 yrds total) Next, they swim 50 yards, and then rest for 8 breaths. Repeat this three times. (200 yrds total) Next, they swim 25 yards, and then rest for 4 breaths. Repeat this three times. (100 yrds total)

Who Would Dare???

I mean really, who would dare? It's not like you could share your "find" with others and not get caught. Geez.... Shame on you, who stole bikes from the Astana's truck! ======================= From ESPN News ... SANTA ROSA, Calif. -- Lance Armstrong's time-trial bike was stolen from the Team Astana truck during the night before Stage 1 of the Tour of California. Armstrong rode the bike to a 10th-place finish Saturday in Sacramento during the Tour prologue. The race is his first competitive appearance in his native country since the seven-time Tour de France winner began his cycling comeback last month. A few hours after the time trial, someone removed four bikes from the Astana truck outside the team hotel in Sacramento. Armstrong's time-trial bike, which was closest to the door because he was delayed by a post-race trip to doping control, was taken along with race bikes belonging to Astana teammates Steve Morabito, Yaroslav Popovych and Janez Brajkovic

Sunday Riding

Today was another gamble with Mother Nature, but I took a roll and met Leslie up at Memorial Park for some riding. Conditions were yucky and misting. I soooo didn't want to ride and soooo proud of Leslie for showing up! I made the 30 minute drive to the park, so I wasn't going to turn around and go home without doing something. The nice thing about the loop is it's 1.3 miles around and no stop lights, so it's non-stop spinning It has it's pro's and con's though; nonstop spinning, but a never changing environment. So, here is what I got in before my twinkle toes felt like they were going to freeze and break off: 15. Miles Average 14.8 mph Ride Time 1:02 Average HR: 150 Max HR 172 Calories 1,177 I wish I had done a little more distance... when I do less than 30 miles I feel like I'm cheating myself out. I remarked this very thing to my Husband and he reminded me of the first time we did 10 miles around White Rock Lake on mountain bikes and thought

V-Day Riding

Ride conditions were cloudy and gusty with scattered rain. :( Not the prettiest day to ride. Opted not to meet up with the team to ride. The threat of rain was 50-50 and the last thing I wanted to do was get stuck, in rain, on the Kema Bridge. So instead I enjoyed my iPod bicycle speakers and rode on my own. :) 15.8 Miles Average 14.1 mph Ride Time 1:07 Average HR 150 Max HR 176 Calories 1,493

Ready for the Weekend

I'm ready for it already. :) Tomorrow Cass has a V-day party at school. She always looks forward to Mommy and/or Daddy coming to school for the parties. I figure at some point she won't be having these kinds of parties anymore and/or she won't want Mommy or Daddy to be part of her school life (like that stands a chance). Anyway, I'll just enjoy it for now. I just love how happy she gets when we show up. I'm getting excited about tri-training. I should be more excited about MS150 training, which of course I am, but doing the Danskin with my fellow tri-divas kind of brings it all full-circle. I mean I did my first real cycling event with them as well as my first triathlon as a relay. It just makes sense that we all see a tri through together as individuals. I got my bicycle speaker system. I'm soooo happy -- and it works too. It's a little heavy at 1.5 pounds, but it will be so worth it on rides alone. That said, I'll have company for all my

Blowin'... I mean CYCLING in the wind...

Details: Breakfast: 2 eggs, lowfat cream cheese, 2 slices sprouted grain toast Ride Snack: Kashi Granola bar at 14 miles Recovery: 100 light smoothie Calories burned: Don't know Time: 2:15 Average Speed: 12.6 mph <--- AGAIN with the effin' wind! Average HR: Don't know. High speed: 24 mph Cadence >80 (most of the time) Felt pretty good to start. Legs were tired from yeserday's ride. I didn't push it terribly hard, but I did pull out a few good sprints. I can feel improvement. I'm so glad I got the cadence meter! Showed my bike some love yesterday... it's all clean and shiny. :)

Whew! What Fun!!

Okay, I did it! I met up with my MS150 team and rode this morning. Yeah me! Let me tell you, this was no small feat. I stepped outside (before the sun came up) and it was already windy. Hubs kindly reminded me that when it warms up, it will be even MORE windy. Ugh.. did I really want to go? I have to go. Then, I get a visit from AF. Should I go riding still? I don't want to. Really. I have to go. On the way over I was literally praying for the strength and courage to meet these other riders. I kept telling myself this was a good exercise in being open, socially, to meeting new people and that it was good for me. Ironically I recognized some of them from the various events I've done. Those awesome riders that seemingly do EVERYTHING. I am so glad I went. I rode with the beginner group, which was somewhat small this morning, but that was okay. *M* and *E* were awesome. We rode down to Kemah and did the bridge twice. It was the first time I had been down th

Well Shooot!

I was so excited yesterday as I received my ipod speaker system for my bicycle! I was quickly deflated when I determined the remote did not work. :( I called the seller, and they referred me to the manufacturer. I had to send the damn thing back. I was so looking forward to using it weekend. I did get to actually hear my ipod work in it though, and it sounds awesome for what it is. It's going to be great for long rides alone. A little heavy though, I have to admit. It has to weigh at least 2 lbs. That's a lot of weight on a bike when you consider accomplished cyclists pay thousands of dollars to mitigate mere ounces from their equipment. So, I guess this is yet another reason I need to go ride with my team tomorrow. I keep putting it off. What if I'm not fast enough? I don't want to be the slow poke, you know? On the other hand, so what if I am? I have to start somewhere in order to improve. Right? Right. I just hate meeting new people in real life and

What I Do Know...

First, thanks for the supportive notes. Especially those who delurked to boost my spirits, I'm so glad you did! I certainly did not mean to sound like a virtual pity-party, but when I dig deep, that's what's there folks. Those are the issues. I have learned to deal with them, but you know how it is with stuff like this... you are almost ALWAYS a work-in-progress. For the record, I do realize that thin does not necessarily mean you are healthy, but thanks for the reminder, regardless. :) It's good to be reminded from time-to-time. Understand this too, my goal was never to be "thin" for the sake of being skinny. My goal is to have a healthy hip-to-waist ratio AND in a healthy body fat % range so I can mitigate health risks and live a nice, comfortable, active life. I really don't give a flip about fitting into a size 8 jeans. That said, kudos to those that achieve it... that's fabulous for you!! It's just not my goal. I realistically k

Honest Scrap

Been working on this for a while. Thought I could get by with passing off my last meme as this one... but they are definitely different. I want to be honest... but there's always that little something keeping me from sharing EVERYTHING on the i'net . Anyway, another tagged blogger posted hers and reminded me I had a draft sitting here, waiting for further contemplation. The Rebel tagged "Donna", so I am assuming that's me. *shrug* Rebs, if you didn't mean me, then everyone is getting some free introspection from me. LOL So... here goes. 1) I've known in my gut something was impeding my weight loss efforts, but couldn't get a doctor to move forward with more tests until now. I mean, who has gastric bypass and doesn't lose at least 100 lbs? I also knew it had something to do with my Thyroid. Although I also know that regulating my Thyroid doesn't mean it will magically fall off either. 2) I get upset, in spite of myself, when I feel people

2009 Danskin SheROX Austin Triathlon

Registration opened this morning! And yes, I'm registered for the event. I am "ass-cited" June 6th and 7th in Austin, TX :) Not much else is going on, besides Hot Flashes from starting the Levoxyl, but that's okay. That's the worst of it. They usually happen right before I get up in the morning. Strange. I haven't seen any other miraculous changes, so I wait. LOL Headed to the gym after work today for lifting and 60 minutes of cardio. Here's the food for today:

Poblano Chicken

This from a woman who usually doesn't eat anything other than fajitas as the local Mexican joint. :) It came out good... definitely a re-make with some modifications for spice.

Diva Cup?

Some things just make you shake your head and question life... In the words of one commenter, I"m posting this out of "morbid curiosity." LOL Check out Sqwakfox for the details... it's real.