Blowin'... I mean CYCLING in the wind...

Breakfast: 2 eggs, lowfat cream cheese, 2 slices sprouted grain toast
Ride Snack: Kashi Granola bar at 14 miles
Recovery: 100 light smoothie
Calories burned: Don't know
Time: 2:15
Average Speed: 12.6 mph <--- AGAIN with the effin' wind!
Average HR: Don't know.
High speed: 24 mph
Cadence >80 (most of the time)

Felt pretty good to start. Legs were tired from yeserday's ride. I didn't push it terribly hard, but I did pull out a few good sprints.

I can feel improvement. I'm so glad I got the cadence meter!

Showed my bike some love yesterday... it's all clean and shiny. :)


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