Ready for the Weekend

I'm ready for it already. :)

Tomorrow Cass has a V-day party at school. She always looks forward to Mommy and/or Daddy coming to school for the parties. I figure at some point she won't be having these kinds of parties anymore and/or she won't want Mommy or Daddy to be part of her school life (like that stands a chance). Anyway, I'll just enjoy it for now. I just love how happy she gets when we show up.

I'm getting excited about tri-training. I should be more excited about MS150 training, which of course I am, but doing the Danskin with my fellow tri-divas kind of brings it all full-circle. I mean I did my first real cycling event with them as well as my first triathlon as a relay. It just makes sense that we all see a tri through together as individuals.

I got my bicycle speaker system. I'm soooo happy -- and it works too. It's a little heavy at 1.5 pounds, but it will be so worth it on rides alone. That said, I'll have company for all my rides this weekend.

Saturday I'm riding with my MS150 team and Sunday I'm foregoing the Pedaling the Prairie event and instead will ride the Memorial Park picnic loop with a fellow tri-diva, Leslie. I met Leslie probably 7 or 8 years ago through Weight Watchers when I lived in Dallas -- probably around the same time I met Courtney. Anyway, I'm excited because Leslie loathes biking, so I thought I might be able to help her out a bit. On the flip-side, Leslie is like a fish in the water, and she agreed to help me with sad swimming. Truly, I did feel comfortable with all parts of the tri last year, I just wished I could have trained more effectively on the swimming -- I had no idea if my stroke was good, or if I look like a floundering fish!

In other news, it's not everyday I meet a fellow WLS post-op who is into the same craziness I am (with the athletic events and training) AND lives locally to me. Yesterday I was delighted to receive an email from a lady who lives in the same suburb (and the greater Houston area is a big place!), has the same interests (even does boot camps!) AND is a post-op from the same year I had my surgery. Wow! Did I mention too that she's doing the MS150 and the Danskin too!?!

I am lucky to *virtually* meet lots of folks, but often they lives states, or even countries away -- even the other side of Houston is over an hour away! Of course, in a perfect world, I would love to meet them all, but sadly I probably never will. So, when someone local pops-up, I'm prone to getting excited at the possibilities!

Hopefully she doesn't think I'm "whack" -- although if she were to ask around.... Never mind, it's probably too late. LOL

Here's the food for today (click to see the full-size version).

I have been trying to keep my meals balanced (evidently I'm a *balanced oxidizer* according to Jillian Michaels)... and it seems to be working well -- I feel good; not sluggish. I hopped on the scale this morning and I'm just 4 pounds from my lowest weight of 212. Which is huge and hopefully an indication that the Levoxyl is helping.

The biggest frustration of all this Thyroid mess was the large weight fluctuations, seemingly overnight, and they seem to have ceased. Can you imagine the frustration of stepping on the scale and seeing yourself up 7 or even 9 pounds overnight, knowing in your truth of truths there's no reason for it? Seriously a few weeks ago I stepped on the scale and it said 221 -- I nearly burst into tears!!! You cannot gain weight eating 1200 to 1300 calories a day -- even if one consumes 1300 calories of Oreos, one would still lose (although you'd be a walking body of trans fat) at the end of the day. That was my world (not the Oreo part -- I'd puke) so it's been nice to see a steady decline. That said, I'm always cautious, so I hope it continues. *fingers,, eyes and toes crossed*. I go back to the Endo in a couple weeks for follow-up.

As for the tri, I don't need a ton of equipment, I'm pretty much set after last year -- though a new pair of *kix* will be required. I didn't like the 1 piece tri suit at all; I never could feel comfortable. Zoot Sports had a tri tank in XXL on sale/clearance at Team Estrogen (the tank has awesome support for "the girls") and Hubs sent me a survey-for-coupon from PearlIzumi so I got 20% off a pair of tri shorts. I think this will be the most comfortable ensemble, as it will feel more closely to cycling gear, which I already am used to wearing. Plus, the convenience of not having to strip down to go potty at the event is a plus. I'm excited to get my pieces and start swimming/biking and running in them to see how they feel.

That's all for now... gotta get to work.


  1. Glad to hear that your thyroid is balancing out - I don't know what's up with my scale - I've been working out well, getting all my water in and I'm up this week (so far)- irritating to say the least!


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