Whew! What Fun!!

Okay, I did it! I met up with my MS150 team and rode this morning. Yeah me!

Let me tell you, this was no small feat. I stepped outside (before the sun came up) and it was already windy. Hubs kindly reminded me that when it warms up, it will be even MORE windy.

Ugh.. did I really want to go?

I have to go.

Then, I get a visit from AF. Should I go riding still? I don't want to. Really.

I have to go.

On the way over I was literally praying for the strength and courage to meet these other riders. I kept telling myself this was a good exercise in being open, socially, to meeting new people and that it was good for me. Ironically I recognized some of them from the various events I've done. Those awesome riders that seemingly do EVERYTHING.

I am so glad I went. I rode with the beginner group, which was somewhat small this morning, but that was okay. *M* and *E* were awesome. We rode down to Kemah and did the bridge twice. It was the first time I had been down that way since Hurricane Ike. Nothing dramatic to see there since everything was in rebuild status.

The wind was horrible. I focused on keeping my cadence up, so at some points I was slower than the other two, but kept good cadence >80 the whole way. Climbed every hill and had a few really good sprints. It felt good. :)

I will definitely ride with my team again next weekend.

Right now though, I need a shower. I'm stinkin' myself out of my skin!


Breakfast: 3 egg whites, lowfat cheese, 2 slices sprouted grain toast
Ride Snack: Kashi Granola bar at 15 miles
Recovery: 100 calorie vitamuffin
Calories burned: 2,880
Time: 2:30
Average Speed: 12 mph <--- Effin' wind Average HR: 152 High speed: 34 mph A few good 20 mph sprints! :) Cadence>80 (except on the bridge climbs)


  1. Wow - that sure sounds like a ride. Thanks for explaining whta tthe 150 thing was all about. Will follow and support from down under. I have a old workmate who has MS, so I appreciate the hardships and misunderstanding that comes with it.

  2. Great job Donna!! I'm so proud of you! :-)


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