And Kim Makes 94%

You guys are keeping me on a roll today. Are you just trying to see how many times I can update my fund raising meter?

I need to do something snappy to mark the achievement of my goal in my blog... maybe I can make it play music, or something. LOL

In any case, thanks to Kim for her contribution. As I said before, I appreciate it!

Just FYI... last year I raised $880 dollars, so hitting $1000 will exceed what I raised last year. I don't know what the "incentive" gifts are for 2009, but we joke around at my house about the $800 backpack I earned last year. Truthfully though, last year was very expensive for the MS150 since it was my first time and there was lots to be had to make for a good experience -- I think it cost me far more than I raised in donations if you added up equipment, training rides and bike maintenance.

I can't wait until some of you join me in 2011. I've decided that while I love both causes, MS150 and the Live Strong Challenge, that it is only right to choose one a year to participate in. I only know so many people, and the fund raising is the most difficult (and hated) part. Asking friends and family twice in one year to reach into their pockets is difficult in these times. So 2010 will be the year of the Live Strong Challenge for me. :)


  1. I think it's just simply that you inspire all of us to jump outside of our comfort zones and DO the things that we've dreamed of. :-)

  2. Yes ma'am.. you're an inspiration!
    I'm looking into the livestrong challenge.. maybe that's one I can do, as they have different distances. I'll see what information I can dig up! :)
    I'm going for a ride this weekend with John... maybe I can do 20 miles this time! WOO HOO! lol

  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    No problem, chica!! Hey, can I ask you bike questions? Like, as in, what type should I buy if I buy one?


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