Double-duty Workin' Out...

So to make up for being a sloth on Tuesday, and just not feeling great all around, last night I did a swim (1200 m) and run (5k)

I woke this morning and got in early for a 6am spin class and probably logged about 18 miles -- then back to the treadmill for another 3.4 miles

Hopefully my Mother has not found my blog (LOL) -- she's on Facebook, so none of you comment there or you'll blow our surprise! Cassie and I are headed to NJ for her 60th birthday and my niece's 9th birthday. It's a total surprise. Mom is NOT expecting it. She thinks we are totally strapped for cash between taxes, car accident and hurricane Ike repairs. :) Of course there is some small amount of truth to all of that, but the one thing Mom likes most is having everyone together.

If you're keeping up you'll realize I planned this lil' vacation the week before my tri! I'm kinda worried because all I can do there is run. :( I'm packing my warm stuff and I plan on getting in a minimu of 2 runs while I'm there.


  1. Have a GREAT time! I know that you'll get in as much working out as humanly possible - so I don't worry. :-)

  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    That is awesome! Don't you love surprising your parents?


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