Fab Food Find: Current Love; Kefir Cheese

Okay, true, it's all fat and protein -- but it's still better than butter.

That said, I do love buttah.... I come from a long line of European buttah and cream lovers. :) Mmmm, buttah.

Mom was on the Perricone diet and that was my first introduction to Kefir. Kefir has naturally occurring probitoics which are good for your tummy (and evidently all the range right now) I used to drink the Lifeway brand and make a shake with Kefir, flax seed and Acaii. Pretty tasty too! When I saw the cheese I realized it could be a good substitute for cream cheese.

So long story short, this Kefir Cheese is my new favorite thing. I make one of my fruit compotes* (with cherries, blueberries, strawberries or cranberries work too) and I mix a tablespoon of the fruit with a 2 a heaping tablespoon of the cheese -- then I spread it on a toasted whole wheat or Ezekiel Bread English Muffin. Mmmmmmm!

It has a light cream cheese consistency. I've even mixed a packet of splenda with the 2 tablespoons and some cinnamon... that's yummy too. I've mixed some with pesto and hummus, individually, and it's made a tasty dip for those "Food Should Taste Good" Chips.

What I didn't know that this Kefir Chese aka "Lebni" is traditionally eaten with dried fruits -- so I was on the right track:

From the Greek Gods Website:

"Lebni or Kefir Cheese is food rich in tradition and custom, enjoyed for centuries throughout the old world. Once again, The Greek Gods bring another traditional delicacy to your table. Our Lebni is thick and creamy, includes cultures and probiotics and is made with Grade A milk and all natural ingredients. A staple of every Mediterranean and Middle Eastern meal, Lebni can be eaten the traditional way, by drizzling olive oil over it and dried mint, and scooping it with pita bread, Add spices to make it a great dip for chips and vegetables, or utilize it as a healthier alternative to sour cream. The possibilities are endless."

*My compote is just taking your berries and adding 1 Tablespoon of orange juice for every pint (or so) of berries and letting it simmer. It will look like it's not enough OJ, but it is! The OJ helps thicken the juice from the berries as they cook down. You then add a touch of vanilla extract and favorite low cal sweetener to taste. Fresh berries work best. Frozen berries don't seem to get as thick, but it still tastes great!


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