Some things have been happening...

Friday night I got into an auto accident. Thankfully no one was hurt and I didn't have Cassie in the car with me. My brakes failed as I was slowing at a traffic light and my Jeep rear-ended an Expedition. I bent the Expedition's bumper downward, and needless to say the face of my "Libby" is slightly rearranged. More to the story, but I'm kinda tired of telling it. Let's just say you know you're in Texas when you're waiting for a tow-truck on the side of the road and 4 horses come trotting down the road during rush hour traffic and the cows have to join you fence-side for a "moo-fest".

Some good news though... last night I met with the swim coach! I learned sooooo much, which is good. But now I have to break some habits and have a lot to practice. We fixed a few things with my technique, but she was impressed I learned so much from You Tube videos. She said I had great head position, "roll" and "reach"

∙ I hold my breath while I swim. I never knew I was supposed to blow bubbles out through my mouth while swimming! I would just take a breath and hold it until the next breath. Last Summer, when Cassie took swim lessons, they did a lot of that bubble blowing. The thought crossed my mind there, if that's what I was supposed to do to. Go figure. The coach said it's a good idea to do drills where you inhale and release (at a slow pace) to get used to it.

Suzy, the coach, did the Lonestar Tri. She said the water is "breath-taking-ly cold", in that it will literally take your breath away if you're not prepared. She highly recommends a wet suit. She said the majority of the folks at that race wear the wetsuit. *E* if you're reading this, you're 100% right to wear yours! Coach also recommends going to their seminar the night before, to get a peak at the course and touch the water.


  1. Oh Donna - I'm sorry to hear about your Libby. Also glad that no one was hurt.

    The coach seems like a GREAT investment... I'm sure that you'll see a big improvement in your races. :-)

  2. Sorry to hear about your accident as well! :(

    Wow, I hold my breath too.. maybe that's why swimming is so exhausting to me... well, one of the reasons. I'm glad it's turning out to be a huge help for you! :)


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