More On the Endo...

Okay, for realz... last post of the day -- only because Corrie asked the question.

Dr. B's nurse explained that my TSH (which was always normal) is now supressed at .07

The normal range is .5-.7 to 1.5-1.8

The Levoxyl has an inverse effect, so it becomes confusing. Basically, the TSH decreases when Thyroid function is too high from the medication. When Thyroid function is too high, the Pitutary has to do double-duty.

So he's moving me from .112 to .110


  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Well, that is all kinds of confusing. I hope that the .110 does a good job for ya! I go back this Friday (I think) and we'll see what he tells me. I'm gonna tell him about my Week O' CRAZY and maybe he'll test my estrogen/testosterone/etc levels. WHO KNOWS.


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